Ponder Consulting and Services, LLC, Business Consultant, Florence, AL
Business Planning Development Process

This program is designed to assist business owners and teams to focus on goals and objectives that lead to success. Many new business owners either skip developing their business plan or do not complete the full planning cycle.  If you think your business plan needs a second look, or you struggle with how to implement a program that does not require you as the owner to work 60 plus hours a week, I can help!

People Development Tools

Finding talented employees and keeping them, can be challenging?

How do you develop your team to problem solve and implement continuous improvement projects so you can focus on new business or growing your existing business?

As an executive with over 20 years of corporate experience, I have learned how to quickly and successfully identify, develop, and implement strategies to reduce cost, improve product quality, and improve service performance while developing employees to operate at a higher level of performance.   Most importantly, the techniques I use are transferable to all types of business endeavors.

The key to your success is that I am able to teach you how to sustain the improvements ensuring long-term success. Through this process, you develop your employees to prepare for the future growth you as a business owner are focused on.

What do you get when you work with Ponder Consulting and Services?

The first consultation is free and is designed to understand your business needs.

I will create an improvement plan that is designed for your unique business size and need.  My objective is to ensure long-term success for you and your team at an affordable price.  I am skilled at coaching and developing people to be able to support you and your business endeavors for not just your initial project but assist in team development for long-term gains.

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